Ambiance Propane Flame Twist Heaters

Ambiance Outdoor Fire Features are designed to provide residential and commercial environments with a beautiful and dynamic fire attraction.
Today a controlled flame can be described as visually mesmerizing, hypnotic, seductive, alluring, and irresistible. These are all accurate
descriptions of the flame and elegant visual effect produced by our Ambiance Outdoor Fire Features. Ambiance is “Redefining the Art of Fire.”

Ambiance Patio

Painted units are polyurethane powder coated and our stainless steel units feature commercial grade series 304 stainless steel panels. Chrome flame reflectors are included at each interior corner for added effects. All Ambiance units come with portable wheel kits and securing tabs for permanent

Ambi Fire Glass Tube: Our “Ambi-Fire” 4” diameter commercial grade “Borosilicate” quartz glass tube and “Pyromid” ceramic burner is the true
heart and soul of our fire feature and sets us apart. All Ambiance products use high heat resistant “Borosilicate” glass
Borosilicate glass and ceramic burners are known for having a very low co-efficient of thermal expansion and are resistant to
thermal shock, discoloration, and structural fatigue.

Ambiance Heater Bronze Ambiance Heater Stainless

Nothing beats spending some time under an Ambiance flame.

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